Halloween: an enjoyable night for people of any age! It’s the time of year when decorating your house with fake blood and spider webs is considered “normal”. While Halloween is most known for witches, zombies, and all things gruesome, the decor can actually be quite lovely!

Check out our low budget, do-it-yourself (DIY) Halloween decor ideas below for some inspiration:

1. Haunting tea lights

haunting_tea_lightsFound on Recess With Ashley

Upcycle old mason jars by painting the inside with purple, blue, green, etc. Take black paint or a very opaque permanent marker and draw silhouettes of “haunting” scenarios on the outside of the jar. Perhaps a witch on a broomstick or a skeleton lurking creepily in a graveyard. Place an electric LED tea light inside the jar and watch your drawing become a work of art with an “eery” night sky!

2. Bloody Mary lightsbloody_mary_lights

Found on Pinterest

Want something more squirmish? Paint the rim of a mason jar red as shown above. After, spray red paint into a spoon so that you can pour it carefully down the sides of the glass to get the effect of dripping blood. Wait for the red paint to dry; then lightly spray silver or white paint inside so that you can’t see the electric tea light at the bottom of the jar.

3. Melted crayon pumpkin

melted_crayon_pumpkinFound on Pinterest

Forget the messiness of carving, or the dangers of using a sharp knife to maneuver through a complex design. An easy way to get a unique-looking pumpkin is by melting crayons (yes, another idea that lets you upcycle!). Grab all your old crayons and place them around the stem of the pumpkin. Use a blow dryer to melt the crayons down the pumpkin. The best part? Your crayons can be any colour(s) you like! Get the colours to stand out more by first painting the pumpkin a neutral colour.

4. Killer candles

killer_candlesFound on Tesco Living

To accomplish the “killer candle” you’ll need a few large, white candles and one small, red one. Burn the red candle until the wax liquefies. Carefully pour the wax around the edge of the white candles to create a dripping blood effect. Let it solidify and voilà!

5. “Wreath of Wrath”

wreath_of_rathFound on The Star

Creepy flowers, spiders, eyeballs, etc., plus a plain black wreath, plus a glue gun equals budget-friendly and reusable Halloween decor! Circle a few rounds of string lights in purple or orange around your wreath to make it visible at night.

6. The Pineapp’o Lantern

halloween-pineapple-jack-o-lantern-carving-2-57f78fcaeb7d6__700Found on Viral Lay

Pineapple jack o’lanterns have gone viral lately. Not only are they less messy than traditional pumpkins, but you also waste less fruit. Simply hollow out the pineapple, then carve. Place a tea light inside to light it up.

7. “Holy crow!” chandelier


Transform your house into a shuddersome lair by decorating your lighting fixtures with spider webs, nests, and other gruesome items, such as skulls, spiders, crows, bats, etc. If you have a dimmer, use the chandelier on dim to achieve horror-movie-like darkness.

8. Lurid lamps

lurid_lampsFound on The Star

Use plastic or paper lamp covers to transform your lawn lamps into Halloween ornaments.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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