Under-cabinet lighting consists of multiple lights installed underneath cabinets or shelves to illuminate below. While ambient lighting (more specifically, overhead lighting), is the first lighting decision homeowners make, considering under-cabinet lighting for various rooms may benefit you as well. Yes, we did say various rooms and not just under the kitchen cabinets!

Why it works

Under-cabinet lighting is an excellent addition to any room’s lighting design for a multitude of reasons. Here are a few important ones:

More light, less shadow: When ambient lighting isn’t enough, under-cabinet lighting adds just the right amount of light where you need it, whether that’s above a counter or your workspace. Quite often, cabinets tend to form shadows on the surface directly beneath them, making it dull and hard to see, especially in the evening. Installing lights underneath the cabinets takes care of this issue without your having to pull out a lamp that takes up space.

No space/less change: Speaking of taking up space, under-cabinet light fixtures don’t take up any more space than the cabinet itself. It’s an effortless way to light up the room without changing the rooms overall décor.

Energy efficiency: Besides the modern style and convenience of task lighting, under-cabinet lights use less energy than turning on the lights for the entire room would. With under-cabinet lights, you’re only using light where you need it, lowering your energy bill, especially with the additional help of LED lights.

Where to install

Here are some room-by-room ideas for under-cabinet lighting placement:

Living room

living-room-under-cabinet-lightingFound on Decoist

Under-cabinet lighting can be used as accent lighting. Install the lights under shelves in your entertainment centre to highlight any decorative figures sitting below it.


kitchen-under-cabinet-lightingFound on Better Homes and Gardens

This is the most common setting for under-cabinet lights. Install lights above the stove and underneath cabinets where time is used turning recipes into memories.


bedroom-under-cabinet-lightsFound on Dispatch

Add some personality to your bedroom by highlighting your favourite displayed belongings with under-cabinet lights.


closet-under-cabinet-lightingFound on Decor Facil

Adding under-cabinet lights to your closet will make it easier for you to find your jewelry or favourite bag faster without shadows being casted from upper shelves and items. This can also work for dark kitchen pantries.


under-cabinet-lighting-red-deer-lightingFound on iemo

Hate being blinded by going to the bathroom in middle of the night and having to use the bright main light to see? Install lighting underneath the bathroom cabinet so you can use the toilet and sink without disturbing your eyes too much!


under-cabinet-lighting-officeFound on Huffington Post

Under-cabinet lighting is great above your desk for even lighting across the whole surface. You also won’t have to use any desk space to house a pesky lamp.

At-home bar

under-cabinet-lighting-barFound on Interior God

Install lights underneath cabinets and under shelves above glasses and liquor bottles. This will make it easy for the “bartender” to find specific bottles and keep the counter visible enough to make drinks the right way. No one wants all the lights on during a fun party!

We hope you’ve found inspiration to add some under-cabinet lights to your current home décor. Red Deer Lighting provides a large assortment of lighting fixtures, bulbs, and other tools you can use for all your lighting needs!

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