Decorating a room, yet alone an entire home, can be overwhelming. Not only do you want to decorate it, but you want it to really say who you are and not resemble a typical furniture store’s showroom.

Remember, home décor includes many factors: lighting, furniture, paint, flooring, etc. The first step to conquering all of your decisions is to understand your personal home décor style. This might be difficult to pinpoint initially, but we’ve got you covered with four ways to narrow down and determine your home décor style.

We’ll be looking at this from two perspectives: (1) starting with a fresh, empty room, and (2) sprucing up an established setting.

Starting With A Fresh, Empty Room a.k.a “The Blank Slate”

the_blank_slateFound on Space Copenhagen

1. Look in your closet

What you choose to wear can be a useful indicator for what colour palette appeals to you the most. Which colours are trending in your closet? Bolds? Neutrals? If it’s bolds, bright accent pieces and a unique colour scheme might be your calling. You may also appreciate a uniquely shaped lighting fixture. If you find neutral is more for you, perhaps a subtle shade of beige or grey may be a great theme. A suitable lighting design for a neutral room is using sconces distributed evenly to spread light equally around the room. Other themes you can find in your closet are patterns, textures, trending items, and so on.

2. Travel

Tropical beaches, Victorian buildings, and ancient artifacts…what makes you feel good? Whether it’s a place you’ve visited or perhaps only admired through photos and artwork, surround yourself with it. Get that feeling in your living space. For a tropical beach theme, use light blues to bring the ocean into your home, and tans and whites to keep it bright. Simple frosted or white pendant lights will compliment the room. Deep browns, olives, and burgundies will bring a Victorian theme to life. Complete it with a large, classic chandelier light fixture.

3. Flip through interior design magazines

Purchase (or borrow) a stack of interior design magazines and cut, circle, and tab everything that catches your eye. From there you can narrow down your favourite items and create your version of the perfect room.

Sprucing Up An Established Room a.k.a. “The Refresher”

the_refresherFound on Shades of Blue Interiors

4. Look at what you have

Study the room you are remodeling or renovating. What do you love? What do you think needs to be replaced? After you have determined this, focus on the items you love and look for new pieces that connect them all to create a theme. Accent lighting changes the look of a room; look at your room when the lights are on and see if anything needs to be highlighted that is currently sitting in the shade. This is an inexpensive way to improve a room, and sometimes one change in lighting can transform an entire room.

Use all of the tips above to find your perfect home décor style and create the design of your dreams.

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