September is creeping up on us and school is about to begin. This means one thing: it’s time to create a brilliant study space to keep you motivated!

Nothing affects mood like our surroundings, and having a positive, unique, yet functional study space will help keep your focus in check. Make back-to-school time feel like a celebration with some new home décor or perhaps a much needed renovation. Yes, tuition is already costly, but investing in a space that makes studying enjoyable is worth it. A great study space design includes comfort (but not too much!), the right lighting fixtures, and organization.

We’ve come up with four mandatory parts every study space should include.

The Desk

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The first place to begin when creating a study place is choosing a desk. A desk is a staple for any area used for getting work accomplished. Choose one that is large enough for your study needs. Whether it’s to hold multiple textbooks and a laptop at once or to keep desk organizers, a calendar, and a little stereo…make sure your desk is big enough to accommodate your studying style. Height and drawers are also factors to consider when choosing the right desk – make sure you have leg room!

The Lighting

There are three must-have types of lighting for every room in the house: ambient, task, and accent lighting. For a space used strictly for studying, accent lighting is not necessary since it’s purpose is decorative; however, task lighting is crucial.

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Task lighting is used to help us perform specific tasks such as reading, writing, creating projects, etc. Excellent forms of task lighting for studying include: a desk lamp, a floor lamp beside a chair used for reading, and sconce lighting over a study table against a wall. To get extra unique lighting, try installing under-cabinet lighting below above-desk shelving so light will directly emit onto the surface of the desk.

Ambient lighting is also meaningful, especially for nighttime studying when sunlight is sparse. Recess, chandelier, or mounted ceiling light fixtures are excellent forms of ambient lighting. Installing a dimmer switch also allows you to adjust brightness, which could help during different times of the day.

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We carry various styles of the above lighting in store and online at great prices!

The Storage

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Each semester of university (or high school) requires multiple textbooks and study material. Don’t forget the buildup of notebooks, writing tools, and that collection of novels you enjoy. Where does it all go? The answer is wall storage. You can build unique wall shelving or purchase premade shelves and cabinets and arrange them accordingly. Make sure to use as much wall space and floor space for storage as possible – this will keep the area organized and clear of distractions.

The Wall Décor

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Functional wall décor is not only stylish, but also helpful for students. Choose a white board, bulletin board, or a combo of both to help keep your life on track.

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