Creating a relaxing and rejuvenating space in your bathroom is essential to enjoy an essential part of your home. It can be easy to forget to pay attention to your bathroom, even though you end up spending hours in it. Harsh, bright lights will only make the room feel uninviting and severe, while too-soft lighting will only cause you to squint. You need to be able to see well to apply makeup and complete daily hygiene tasks such as showering, brushing your teeth, and styling your hair. If you notice that your bathroom isn’t the space that you would like it to be, come to Red Deer Lighting Center in Alberta. Our experienced team will help you to create the perfect oasis in your bathroom with our many different lighting options. Give us a call or stop by the showroom today!

Central Ambient Light

Whether your bathroom is huge or a more modest size, the more important light that you need is centralized ambient light. You can choose from completely recessed lighting design, or choose a more formal chandelier or fixture to add that needed ambient illumination. You can also add a dimmer switch to bring the spa atmosphere in your bathroom so you can pamper yourself every day. Red Deer Lighting Center has an incredible selection of stunning light fixtures to perfectly compliment your style and decor, and we will be happy to work with you to find the perfect fixture.

Task Lighting

This form of light is essential for applying makeup, styling your hair, and everything else that usually happens before a mirror. Typically, task lighting is placed above a mirror and is a large light fixture that offers supreme illumination. However, if you would prefer to have a different form of fixture or there isn’t adequate space, you can add a pendant or recessed lighting to suit your needs. The lighting experts at Red Deer Lighting Center will be happy to work with you and the shape of your space to create the ideal lighting design.

Shower or Bath Lighting

Something that many customers complain about is not having enough light above their shower or bathtub. If this is a problem you’re currently experiencing, it’s time to add some recessed or can lights. This form of light fixture will allow you to have better visibility while showering, shaving, and completing other hygiene tasks in your bathroom.

Add a Mirror

If you don’t have mirrors already, a mirror will not only help you to get ready quickly in the morning, but will also make your bathroom seem larger by reflecting light. Depending on your space, you can add one mirror or several.

Turn your bathroom into an oasis that you’ll enjoy spending time in every day. If you’re ready to update your lighting design, come to Red Deer Lighting Center! With the coolest designs and latest fixtures, our incredible lighting experts will be happy to create a stunning lighting design for you so you can enjoy your bathroom. Contact us today to get started, or stop by our showroom to take a tour and speak with our team!