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Fall is finally here, can you believe it? While this fantastic season doesn’t tend to stick around for very long, there’s no better time than fall to change the interior decor of your home. Gone are the bright and vibrant colors of summer; now is the time to embrace the warm hues of autumn . With the days being shorter as well, you’re going to notice it becoming darker outside earlier in the day. With both of these things in mind, we’ve dedicated this blog to some great fall lighting and decor ideas, perfect to fit those crisp autumn days and nights. Read on for more details on how to light and decorate your home this fall!

Make a Gorgeous Autumnal Mantlepiece

One of the best things about autumn are the colors that come along with it – the soft browns, and oranges are earthy and directly reflect the changing of seasons. A great way to incorporate the colors of fall into your interior decor is by accessorizing your mantlepiece. First, start off with your favorite autumn staples like gourds and pumpkins, spreading those out across your mantle. Secondly, you can purchase artificial autumn colored leaves at most any craft store, especially around this time of year. Letting those wrap around the mantle will give texture and color variation to your piece. The final step in accessorizing your mantlepiece is arguably the most important – you want your creation to be visible! LED string lights are a perfect option for this, as they are pliable and able to be wrapped around your mantle, similar to the artificial leaves. The result is a gorgeous and well lit mantlepiece, perfect for autumn! Track lighting can also achieve a similar effect, spotlighting your creation without going overboard. Head on over to our web store to browse our selection of both track lighting and LED string lights.

Autumn is Perfect for Entertaining

As the year begins to wind down and we start making preparations for the holidays, we tend to also get together with friends and family. While one of the best parts of getting together with loved ones is sharing a meal together, entertaining a smaller crowd is far more preferable than a larger crowd. In a lot of cases, the chef of the evening has a tendency to not always feel connected to their guests as they have to spend a large portion of their evening in the kitchen, preparing the meal for later in the evening. You can solve this problem easily, simply by moving the festivities away from the dining area and into the kitchen. If you plan to entertain guests in your kitchen, however, you may want to update a few things to make the kitchen more inviting for your guests. In honor of autumn, you can update your lighting fixtures to not only fit better with the season, but make your kitchen a more appropriate environment for entertaining. Under cabinet lighting is not only attractive in that it provides a nice warm glow along your countertops, it also allows for the chef to be able to see things more accurately without having to rely on bright overhead lighting. Red Deer also stocks a wide variety of modest mini chandeliers that are perfect for fall, with plenty of them coming in fall appropriate finishes. These can provide appropriate and gentle lighting that won’t overpower the room, welcoming your guests into your kitchen.

Wall Sconces are Key

One of the best ways to achieve gentle and ambient lighting is through wall sconces. Wall sconces can make a great addition to your home both indoors and outdoors, and are great for providing you with that wonderfully ambient and gentle lighting that fits so perfectly with crisp autumn days and nights. Best of all, at Red Deer Lighting Center, we have a wide variety of sconces that feature that rustic look with coppers, browns, and other colors that go fantastically with fall hues. The last thing you want is lighting that is too harsh and uninviting; sconces provide you with that perfect balance of brightness that’s perfect for fall.

Those are just a few simple and fantastic ways to update your home and lighting decor to fit with the season this fall. At Red Deer Lighting Center, we are committed to providing Central Alberta with high quality home lighting options. Whether you’re looking for the best way to light your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms, at Red Deer we have options that are sure to please even the most refined of tastes. Remember that with every order over $49, you receive your items shipped to you for free! Beyond that, we will price match any competitor’s price. We are committed to being your best indoor and outdoor lighting option in Central Alberta. Shop Red Deer Lighting and Home Furnishings today!