An addition of a nightstand to your bedroom can make your space more inviting and give you a place to leave your cell phone, books, lamp, and other needs that is stylish and complimentary to your bedroom decor. However, it can be nerve-wracking to decorate your nightstand because you don’t want to add too much decorative items but you also would prefer it to not stick out like a sore thumb in your bedroom. In this post, we’ll discuss some easy tips that you can utilize to make your nightstand look incredible and add the finishing touch to your bedroom. For all of your Alberta lighting needs, come to Red Deer Lighting Center. We’re proud to offer a huge selection of lighting solutions that will make your entire home look amazing. Contact us or come by the showroom today!

Choose the Right Nightstand

You can’t enjoy the use and function of a nightstand without having one! Make sure that the type of nightstand that you choose isn’t too large or too small, and that it is in the same decor style of the rest of the furniture in your room. Think about what type of nightstand that you would like best. If you would prefer drawers to stow away the current novel that you’re reading, your reading glasses, and your chapstick, don’t settle for the first nightstand that comes along. Hasty decisions will always create remorse, so if you don’t find something that you love immediately, wait a little longer and keep looking. When you find the perfect nightstand, you’ll be satisfied and love how it complements your room.

Pick Out Lighting

A lamp or sconce can add a wonderful glow to your room and allow you to read or work before you hit the sack without having to get out of bed to turn off your overhead light. If you’re leaning more towards a lamp, you can find plenty of base and shade options. Depending on what you like or the decor of the space, you can add a beautiful lamp to bring the finishing touch the room needs to complete the space. If you don’t prefer to take up space on your nightstand but you still would prefer light, a sconce is always a good alternate idea. Sconces can be as elaborate or simplistic as you would prefer, and there are hundreds of options to choose from at Red Deer Lighting Center. You can also choose a pendant light fixture as well, if you would like to add some drama and elegance to your bedroom.

Your bedroom is a haven when you rest and rejuvenate. If you realize that your room could use some more light, stop by Red Deer Lighting Center. You’ll be able to see our beautiful light fixtures in use and talk to a lighting expert about your dreams and ideas for your bedroom. We’re sure we’ll be able to help you choose the perfect light solution to make your room even more heavenly! Contact us today!