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One of the most fun parts of having children is designing and arranging their bedroom. Customizing it to their tastes and needs can be fun but also challenging, and one thing that people have a tendency to forget about when doing so is lighting. Like any other room in your home, your child’s bedroom has far more lighting options than you may think!

Before starting any planning, though, a great thing to keep in mind is that children are children, and they generally have a tendency to not remember to turn off lights, or turn a light on and leave it on even when it isn’t needed. Arranging the room to allow more natural lighting to enter it will not only be more beneficial to your child and their room overall, but it will also cut costs on lighting.

However, we understand that one cannot completely rely on natural light sources when planning a room of any kind. Here are just a few examples of things that would look great in your child’s bedroom.

Overhead Lighting Isn’t Your Only Option

Overhead lighting is fantastic, though in many cases, concentrating a majority of a room’s light sources into one small area can be problematic and inconvenient. What if your child wanted to read at night or have some lighting in their room, but not all of it? Assuming that overhead lighting can adequately accommodate all your child’s lighting needs is a bit inaccurate. However, if you feel as though overhead lighting is the only option you want for your child’s bedroom at this time, there are ways to make it a bit more customizable. First off, if you haven’t already, be sure to switch over to LED bulbs. While, yes, they do cost more upfront, LED bulbs will save you money and last longer than regular incandescent bulbs. Secondly, installing a dimmer switch as opposed to a regular toggle switch can not only give your child the choice of full or reduced power, it too will save you money if they choose to not have the lights operating at full power at all times.

Lamps Can Distribute Lighting More Evenly

Remember what we said before about overhead lighting concentrating light in one spot? One good way to remedy this is to invest in a few lamps and put them in spots that could benefit from them. A bedside lamp is perfect for nighttime reading or in case of a late night visit from a sibling or pet. A lamp hanging over a chair or couch will certainly make for a comfortable reading and relaxing environment without overpowering the room like overhead lighting can sometimes do. A desk lamp is always essential to a young person’s room, as it provides them with the perfect amount of intimate lighting needed when doing homework, studying, drawing or doing other creative things.

Easy Lighting for Dark Places

While it’s very common for younger children to be afraid of the dark, making their room a bit more inviting in that regard is very easy, and doing so can make your child feel much more at ease in darker situations. Investing in a night light to plug in while they sleep can make all the difference, and eventually they’ll be able to sleep without one. A great way to make dark and somewhat scary closet spaces more inviting would be to install battery powered tap lights. Not only are they surprisingly bright in dark spaces, but they are easy to operate and will get your child into the habit of turning lights off when they are not in use.

Customize It!

Remember when we were talking about overhead lighting earlier? As useful as those can be in many indoor lighting scenarios, in terms of a child’s bedroom, overhead lighting has a tendency to be neutral. When customizing the bedroom for your young son or daughter, choosing something that’s a bit more specific to their tastes can really tie the room together, not unlike a piece of furniture, wall art or area rug. For a baby or toddler, there are plenty of simple lighting options that can turn regular bulbs into nursery friendly zoo animals. If your son or daughter is into stars and space, there are plenty of lighting options that can project astral patterns onto their ceiling. Get creative with it; something as small as lighting can easily become your son or daughter’s favorite part of their bedroom.

Those are just a few options that you can consider when planning out the lighting fixtures for your child’s bedroom. While there are many more than we haven’t listed in this blog, we are more than happy to help bring your vision to life with our wide variety of indoor lighting fixtures, light bulbs and other products. For more information, contact us today, we’d love to hear from you and assist you with any needs that you may have. Visit our store today!