Your kitchen is the center of your home. It’s where family dinners are held, where you make meals, and the place where you spend time entertaining. However, if you don’t have appropriate lighting, it can be one of your least favorite rooms to be in. In this post, we’ll detail some lighting solutions for your kitchen space so you can enjoy spending time with family and preparing food in it. If you’re located in Alberta and searching for a trusted lighting store, look no further than Red Deer Lighting. Our showroom is always stocked with the latest and greatest lighting options for your home, patio, and outdoor space. Contact us today for a tour!

Consider Lighting Controls

Many activities go on in your kitchen. Preparing meals, cleaning up the space, enjoying food, and spending time with your family. With these many different activities, you need multiple lighting options. For example, if you’re making dinner, you definitely need a bright space to work in. Chopping vegetables and checking on what’s cooking in the oven just won’t do in low light. However, if you’re serving dinner at the kitchen table, you don’t want a space that’s too bright. Some people may believe that they have to decide between the two, but a basic dimmer switch will give you the best of both worlds. With a quick adjustment of the controls, you’ll be able to create a calm and relaxed space or a bright room, perfect for making dinner.

No More Fluorescent

While fluorescent lighting used to be the standard, it’s time to switch to LED lighting. LED lighting is highly customizable. You can choose the warmth, brightness, and even color of your kitchen lighting. The best part of LED lighting is that it saves energy and is more efficient, and it can last for years. You’ll love how LED lighting will completely transform your kitchen space and bring the exact ambiance that you want to the room.


Pendant lighting is a great way to add a decorative touch to your kitchen while solving your lighting problems. A pendant light can direct light to a specific space, such as an island or bar, so you have improved brightness to be able to see tasks. With the incredible amount of options of pendants, you’ll be sure to find the perfect design, color, and shape for your kitchen and add a beautiful element of decor as well as more light.


If you have a kitchen table that could use a direct light source, a chandelier will definitely solve your lighting problems. Much like pendant lighting, you have an incredible selection to choose from when it comes to chandeliers. Modern, traditional, whimsical, and alternative are all style options for chandeliers, and a quick browse through the product list will definitely inspire you to get excited for a chandelier in your space.


Sconces are small but mighty lighting options for your kitchen. Whether you simply need some supplemental lighting options or you would like to add some light to a breakfast nook, sconces will definitely bring a soft lighting element to your kitchen space without adding too much bulk to the room. If you’re trying to choose a lighting solution that is soft and ideal for a smaller space, scones are your solution!

Make your kitchen a special and enjoyable place to be by adding the correct lighting elements for the different needs that the space has. Whether you regularly prepare gourmet dinners or enjoy eating a leisurely breakfast in your kitchen, the correct lighting will either make the room seem stark and uninviting or a safe haven. If you’re ready to create the right lighting plan for your kitchen, contact Red Deer Lighting in Alberta, Canada. Call us today or come by our showroom and let us help you choose the perfect lighting design for your home!