Many people often forget to devise a lighting plan for their home, especially if they’ve recently built it or moved in and are focused on decorating the inside. However, not properly lighting your home can be dangerous, and landscaping lighting can add depth and an element of beauty to your home. In this post, we’ll discuss some landscape lighting ideas that will perfectly compliment your home. If you’re ready to create a lighting design for the exterior of your home, come to Red Deer Lighting Center now! Our team of experts will be more than happy to work with you to choose the perfect exterior lights for your home. Call us or come by today!

Step Lights

Do you have steps that lead up to the front, side, or back door of your home? Step lights are essential to be able to see exactly where the steps are in the dark, while adding a soft element of ambiance. There are multiple different options for your home, so it’s best to evaluate what your needs are and what you’re interested in for your home and design style.

Entryway Lights

One of the first ways to welcome guests to your home, an entryway light can make or break your home’s entrance. Too soft, and it will have guests stumbling over steps and trying to find the doorbell. Too bright, and it will make your home feel overwhelming. Make sure that you choose entry lights that are scaled to the size of your home so that there is an adequate amount of light without it being too little or too much. Your guests will definitely appreciate it, and your home will feel bright and welcoming.

Path Lights

In the same way as entryway lights, path lights are essential if you have a walkway or path leading up to your front door. You can choose solar-powered lights to cut down on electricity costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Whatever type of light that you think pairs best with your home will be a beautiful way to illuminate a walkway.

Accent Lights

If you have beautiful landscaping or trees in your yard, accent lights are a great way to go to add some more light to your home. These can be customized to the layout of your home and personal preferences without being too much of a big project. Of course, you can stop by our showroom to speak with one of our lighting experts to create the perfect landscape design for your house and needs.

Landscape Lights

Passionate about landscaping? Try adding some landscape lighting to your home to create a beautiful illumination design that will be sure to impress neighbors, guests, and friends. Whatever you’re interested in highlighting, our team at Red Deer Lighting Center will be more than happy to help those dreams come true.

If you’re ready to start on your own exterior lighting project, contact Red Deer Lighting Center now! We’re so excited to help you create the ideal exterior lighting design of your dreams. Call today!