Winter is quickly approaching, which means cold months and warm fires are ahead. When the snow is falling outside, it can be tempting to shut down the fans in your home and give them the next few months off. It might seem counterintuitive at first, but you should absolutely not do this. Instead, use your fans to keep your home warm and toasty until spring. The Red Deer Lighting team has some tips and tricks to help you best use your home’s ceiling fans throughout the winter.

Adjust Your Thermostat First

You obviously want to turn your thermostat from the cool to heat setting before anything else. This is pretty obvious, but doing so before using your ceiling fans to improve winter airflow in your home will be a bonus. Rather than maneuvering cold air, the heat will have a chance to disperse among the rooms in your house.

Spin the Correct Way

You know that small switch you sometimes see on the base of your ceiling fan, right near the pull cords that control the light and speed? Surprise: it actually serves a purpose! This switch will reverse the direction your fan is spinning, which is the most crucial part of using it in the winter. Having your fan spin in a clockwise direction will pull air up from the room below and redistribute that air around the sides of the room, leading to a more evenly heated room.

Do Not Continually Adjust the Temperature

Remember when we suggested you adjust your thermostat before shifting your fans’ rotation? Well, we also suggest you do not continually do that. Trying to keep a continual temperature in your home will allow for a more consistent energy bill, not to mention better dispersion of heat via your fans. So, choose a temperature that you think will be comfortable most of the time so you can eliminate the need to hit the up or down arrows multiple times per day.

Don’t Leave Fans Running

Your fans may continually stay running during the summer to ensure the room is cool at any time. While that may be beneficial when the heat is on, this method is counterproductive when the heat is off. If the fan is on in an empty room, you are circulating heat for no reason. This will lead to more energy consumption thanks to heating and circulating warm air for nobody. Instead, treat it like a light and only turn your fan on when you are in the room.

Keep the Room in Mind

The architecture of the room will determine if the ceiling fan strategy is effective or not. For rooms with high-vaulted or cathedral-style ceilings, running your fan may be less useful, if useful at all, for dispersing the heat. Make sure you have an idea of this before using your fan to no avail.

Though it may not seem like a good idea initially, using your ceiling fans to help heat your home during the winter is a highly effective strategy. If you are in the market for a new ceiling fan, Red Deer Lighting has a fantastic selection of ceiling fans, with and without light fixtures, to complete your room. Come in and see why we are Alberta’s best fixture store!