Red Deer Lighting has been a trusted name in supplying the lighting needs of Central Alberta for over 30 years.

 Red Deer Lighting started in the Parkland Mall back in the late 1980's, and now under new ownership with a new showroom, we are re-located at the south end of Red Deer.

 We continue to add new trusted suppliers to our line card expanding our product options, not with just Lighting, but also Home Decor.

Meet the TEAM

Our Lighting Experts here to serve you



Meet Nicola, our resident gold prospector and lighting expert extraordinaire! When she's not illuminating the way to treasure in rivers and lakes, she's busy spoiling her adorable grandchildren. Nicola has over 25 years of experience working in the lighting industry. With a knack for finding both the real gold and the perfect ambiance, Nicola shows us that there's no end to her talents—whether she's prospecting in nature or brightening our day with her energy!


Nicola - pronounced (n-ih-k-oh-l-ah) like the herbal cough drop



Meet Sydney, our dynamic lighting expert with a passion for speed and feline friends! When Sydney isn't zooming around on a scooter or diving into a thrilling book, you'll find them perfecting lighting designs that dazzle and inspire. With a background in design and a family legacy in electrical expertise—thanks to a dad who's an electrician—Sydney brings both creativity and technical finesse to every project. Fueled by energy drinks and a love for fast-paced challenges, Sydney illuminates our team with boundless energy and bright ideas!


Sydney - pronounced  [SID] + [NEE] - like Australia

] + [NEE] - like Australia



Meet Jen, our multi-talented team member who balances the world of lighting with the joys of motherhood! When she's not fearlessly exploring new lighting solutions, Jen is busy researching and organizing with methodical precision. Her friendly demeanor and knack for staying organized make her a valued teammate. With a young son keeping her on her toes, Jen brings a unique blend of creativity and efficiency to everything she does, proving that being a dedicated mom and a lighting expert can go hand in hand!   


 Jen - pronounced [J-EH-N]  - like as in Jen not Jan



Meet Carol, our versatile team member who brings a wealth of experience to our lighting sales department. As a part-time sales professional, Carol has a passion for customer service and innovation. Outside of work, Carol is a certified clinical aromatherapist and an independent business owner. A dedicated wife and mother of two, Carol juggles her professional and personal life with grace and efficiency. She believes in the power of healthy living, always opting for nutritious snacks—her favorite being granola, which you'll often find in her desk drawer!


Carol - pronounced [k-AE-r-uh-l]  - like a traditional folk song or hymn